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Warming Joint & Muscle Salve ~ with Cayenne, Ginger, & Arnica
  • Warming Joint & Muscle Salve ~ with Cayenne, Ginger, & Arnica


    This homemade rub gently warms and soothes areas of the body that are feeling overworked, inflamed, sore, achy, or just downright painful. It is formulated with the herbs like cayenne, ginger, and rosemary that encourage the flow and release of stuck, stagnant, and/or trapped tension within the body. This salve is amazing for menstrual pain too!


    Product comes in three sizes.

    10 mL compostable tub

    22 mL compostable tub

    40 mL compostable tub


    🌿 Pure Ingredients, Pure Goodness: Infused with the warming prowess of cayenne, this salve penetrates deeply, melting away stagnant tension trapped within. Ginger, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, works to soothe joints and muscles, inviting a sense of comfort. Rosemary completes the trio by promoting mental clarity.


    🌻 Handcrafted with Care: All of our products are handcrafted with love and care in Rochester, NY using locally and ethically sourced plant based ingredients.


    🌎 Eco-Friendly Packaging: Our packaging is eco-friendly, ensuring that you not only take care of yourself but also of the environment. Store out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.


    Directions: Apply a small amount onto aching muscles, joints, or anywhere on the body that needs release. Avoid broken skin, mucous membranes, and rubbing your eyes after use. (There’s cayenne in there!) Remember to wash your hands after application. Use as needed.


    Contains: St. John's wort flowers, arnica flowers, cayenne pepper, ginger root, rosemary leaf, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, essential oil blend of rosemary and clove.

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