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Herbal Aromatherapy Blends ~ with Grapeseed Oil
  • Herbal Aromatherapy Blends ~ with Grapeseed Oil


    Discover the Divine power of aromatherapy! I carefully crafted these scents to provide encouragement throughout the day. Use them whenever you feel you need to ground, pause, and step back into the self, or as a way to uplift your spirit. I use them whenever I feel I need a little support from our Mother Earth. Roll them onto the wrist, or wherever feels good! Breath in and let the essence of the plants fill your body and soul.


    Size: 10 mL Glass Recyclable Roll-On Bottle


    Mellow Mood:

    Formulated to help relax and soothe you. Perfect to use right after a long day of hard spent energy.


    One With Nature:

    Formulated to help ground you, but remain focused. Great for getting out of the mind and back into the heart.


    Tune In

    Formulated to help you focus, destress, and uplift yourself! A great pick-me-up on those mornings when you need a little bit more support in order to tune into the day.


    Tune Into Nature:

    Formulated to help you tap into the natural rhythm of the universe versus the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


    🌻 Handcrafted with Care: All of our products are handcrafted with love and care in Rochester, NY using locally and ethically sourced plant based ingredients.


    🌎 Eco-Friendly Packaging: Our packaging is eco-friendly, ensuring that you not only take care of yourself but also of the environment. Store out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.


    Directions: Roll on to wrists, palms, neck, chest, or anywhere else you desire. Then take a moment and breathe in the aroma. Do this as much as you feel like!



    Mellow Mood - grapeseed oil, lemongrass, ylang ylang, and sweet orange, chamomile and lavender flowers

    One with Nature - Grapeseed oil, cedarwood, frankincense, sweet orange, rosemary and fir needles.

    Tune In - Grapeseed oil, lavender, lemon, rosemary, calendula and rose petals.

    Tune Into Nature - Grapeseed oil, lavender, lemon, rosemary, frankincense, sweet orange, cedarwood, calendula, rosemary, and rose petals.

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